From Humble Beginnings
With Great Ends In Mind


In 1997, the founder of QP Mail and Cleaning Services, guided by the then Alstom Directors, applied for a cleaning, Gardening and Mail Delivering Service tender, which the company was outsourcing.

QP won the tender and driven by the objectives of empowerment and fighting unemployment, QP formed partnership with ALSTOM to propel QP through the early years. This agreement to support and develop QP exemplified progress in South African Business practices and revealed a shared commitment to co-operation and growth.

Another company that propelled and developed QP, is REID & Mitchell. They were very instrumental in growing QP.

From the beginning, personal development and achieving independence became the central themes of the QP story, with the owner himself moving from being part of a large company to running his own and people who make QP move out of unemployment or haphazard, informal employment into active and stable participation in the South African Economy

We have come from humble beginnings but each of us has great ends in mind both ourselves and for QP – our future.

A New Focus
In Cleaning


Our vision is to provide choice cleaning solution for the widest range of industries. It is of continuous
growth and achievement in the many aspects of cleaning solutions that QP be adaptable and capable of
branching into areas of new development.
We intend grow across the South African business landscape and other countries in Africa and new
region of development – to stand out as a capable, experienced and innovative leader in the cleaning
solution sector.
We intend robust participation and deep involvement in the South African and wider African economy,
upholding the principles of FAIRNESS and living up to demands of COMPETITIVENESS in our stride.


We customise our services to fit the unique requirements of caring for and maintaining healthy working
environment within the characteristics of the South African climate

To conduct business and the spirit of our purpose
- Providing the best service
- Achieving Customer satisfaction at all times
- Sustaining customer loyalty
- Striving for professionalism, excellence and delivery
- Development and Empowerment – FAIR REWARD
- Commitment to Blank Economic Empowerment and our values
- Trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility
- Efficiency
- Cooperation
- Ownership

Choice Cleaning Solutions
For The Widest Range Of Industries