We Build Relationships With Our Clients
Based On Trust

– 'Customised cleaning solution’

The company has experience mainly in the Manufacturing Industry. We intend to move into the sector
(including Retail) with our manpower and experience. Our goal is to expand and move into different
environments, being adaptable to the different needs we encounter yet maintaining the same attention to
detail and honouring our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We Provide services for the following:

- Office Building
- Manufacturing Plants
- The Health care sector
- The Hospital sector
- The Retail sector

We Are Constantly
Striving For Professionalism

Our service include:

- Contract work
- Cleaning Maintenance over a long period:
- the service covers all areas of work environment – kitchen and canteens, toilets and storage areas
- it includes building Maintenance and general handwork, i.e. painting, minor repairs, plumbing and
maintaining facilities.

- Gardening
- Laundry service – this includes cleaning company Uniforms and Overalls
- Mail delivery
- Waste Management
- Once-off service
    - Carpet cleaning
    - Deep cleaning
    - Once-off service of vacant buildings and other venues
    - Stripping and sealing of floors
    - Window cleaning

Our services is customised to client's needs and preferences
(within reason and considerations practically)

We Believe In
Professional Service To The Client And The Company