We Intend Grow Across
The South African Business Landscape


QP staff has almost ten years' experience in the services we provide.
Our staff participates in the Service SETA [www.serviceseta.org.za] development training programmes,
which are fully accredited and run to improve the standard of service provider in the service sector of
South Africa. Training in the following industries is relevant to us:
- Mail Handling and Courier Services
- General Cleaning
- Cleaning Equipment
- Dry cleaning and Laundering
- Garden Maintenance Services
We share the vision of the Service SETA for the service sector of South Africa of skills development and
creating employment.
We have checklists, which we use to ensure that we are satisfying our own standards of performance and
delivery and we keep in constant communication with our clients to ensure we are living up to their
expectations. Constant evaluation by and feedback from the client are valuable for us to check the quality
of our performance.

Experienced and innovative Leader
In The Cleaning Solution Sector


We build our relationship with our clients to last and so base them on Trust and Reliability. We are constantly striving for professionalism, excellence and delivery and pride ourselves on our trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility as well as on our efficiency. QP is affiliated with 'The National Contract Cleaners Association' (N.C.C.A) and we are subject to their code of ethics. We believe that this ensures professional service to the client and the company.


– Commitment to Black economic empowerment

Fair Reward

The workers of QP enjoy a fair share of the rewards of their work. This is our commitment to FAIRNESS ridding the sector of EXPLOITITIVE practices. As the company grows the remuneration of our workers grows as well.


QP aims to empower previously unemployed people, focussing intently on Black women, who carry the responsibilities of supporting their families, educating their children and developing their communities.


To maximise the use of human capital, QP provides the possibility of growth and upward mobility within the company – those who have more knowledge and experience will pass it on to newer members of the team in their capacity as supervisors and managers. This is not the norm in this sector. This is the QP difference – the growth of the company is translated to the growth of its people.

Our promise stands - we promise that you will receive sound cleaning advice, the correct instruction, invaluable service and quality service

Put the sparkle back in to cleaning

We Customise Our Services
To Fit Our Clients Needs